Sidran Institute develops and delivers trauma-focused

• books, workbooks, videotapes, DVDs, and educational brochures
• assessment and teaching tools
• educational programs for the general public
• training and consultation for clinical and frontline audiences
• design and consultation on trauma-informed services
• pilot and demonstration projects on collaborative trauma services
• resources customized to meet the needs of specific consumer and provider populations

Sidran is known for raising the level of understanding and competence in regard to traumatic stress conditions by building collaborations with and between

• nonprofit organizations
• private providers
• government agencies (local, county, state, and federal) and public sector services
• media
• corporations and industry

Sidran’s trauma training is customized to the specific needs of each individual audience. Audiences include professionals and paraprofessionals representing a variety of disciplines from:
• child and adult mental health
• schools
• substance abuse treatment and prevention
• developmental disabilities services
• sexual assault services
• domestic violence advocates and shelter staff
• community health and primary care services
• faith communities
• criminal justice agencies and victim assistance organizations
• homeless services
• and many others

All Sidran professional training programs are also available for lay and consumer audiences, including direct victims, secondary or co-victims, and supportive friends and family.

Our training staff is comprised of both masters- and doctoral-level trauma specialists in psychology, counseling, nursing, and social work. Some have specialized expertise such as pastoral counseling or art and expressive therapies, and some have their own lived experience of trauma recovery. In addition to our flagship Risking Connection® curriculum, Sidran’s most popular training topics include:
• assessment, diagnosis, and treatment planning for PTSD and co-occurring conditions
• understanding the effects of traumatic stress
• trauma symptom management strategies
• the intersection of trauma and addictions
• responding to dangerous trauma-related behaviors (self-injury, suicidality, aggression, etc.)
• self-care of helpers (professionals, volunteers, families, and support networks)

Sidran’s Help Desk responds to hundreds of contacts every month from trauma survivors, their families, and their friends to provide trauma information resources, such as names of local, trauma-knowledgeable therapy providers, support groups, and reading materials. Every response by Sidran’s trained volunteer resource specialists is customized to the needs of the survivor. Sidran is currently providing Help Desk support for the National Child Traumatic Stress Network, the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies, and the PTSD Alliance.

Sidran Press publications focus on practical application tools for recovery from PTSD and other trauma-generated conditions. Our list consists of
• curricula
• textbooks
• agency training manuals
• assessment tools
• videotapes and DVDs
• consumer-recovery workbooks

Several titles are routinely adopted for course use by professional schools such as the New York University School of Social Work.

We have combined our publications with the best available books and audio/visual materials from other publishers and have made them available in the Sidran Bookshelf.


At Sidran we are proud of our record of collaborative enterprise with a diverse range of organizations. Most of our major projects, proprietary publications, and training programs have sprung from collaborative relationships. Among many others, we have had long and successful relationships with:

State government agencies 
• New York State Office of Mental Health
• Maine Department of Mental Health, Mental Retardation, and Substance Abuse Services
• Maryland Department of Mental Health and Hygiene
• Maryland Department of Social Services

Federal agencies 
• U.S. Bureau of Primary Health Care
• U.S. Center for Mental Health Services
• U.S. Center for Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment
• U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Victims of Crime and
Office of Violence against Women
• U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Agency
• U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs, National Center for PTSD

National and international nonprofit organizations 
• Anxiety Disorders Association of America
• American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
• Critical Incident Stress Foundation
• International Conference of War Veteran Ministers
• International Society for the Study of Dissociation
• International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies
• Institute on Violence, Abuse and Trauma
• Jewish Women International
• Klingberg Family Centers
• National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors
• Rape and Incest National Network
• Victims’ Assistance Legal Organization (VALOR)

We currently are fostering two grant-funded pilot programs in our home city of Baltimore, Maryland. Both pilots, the East Baltimore NEEDS LINK TO PAGE Spirituality and Victims Services Initiative in urban Eastern Baltimore and the NEEDS LINK TO PAGE Shofar Coalition in the Jewish communities of Northwest Baltimore, are intended to holistically respond to the practical, psychological, and spiritual needs of victimized individuals and families. Both programs are focused on building collaborative networks that include clergy, health and mental health providers, victims’ assistance organizations, survivors and their loved ones, and community residents.

Sidran’s award-winning website, toll-free information and referral service, and media networking efforts are our best tools for getting broad dissemination of traumatic stress information “into the heads” of the general public. The events of and following the terrorist attacks of September 11, the D.C. Beltway sniper shootings, and Hurricanes Katrina and Rita have presented major opportunities for public education. Among many others, Sidran staff interviews on PTSD-related topics following the tragedies have appeared in the following media outlets:

• Ad Week
• CBS Healthwatch
• Contra Costa Times
• CosmoGirl
• Gannett News
• Newsweek (print)
• Newsweek Online
• Risk and Insurance Magazine
• Time Magazine
• Women’s E-news
• Women’s Health News
• World Talk Radio

In addition to the current projects and programs listed above, Sidran also has developed and implemented the following:

NEEDS LINK TO RISKING CONNECTION  Risking Connection®: A Training Curriculum for Working with Survivors of Childhood Abuse (2000), a manualized framework for implementing trauma-informed services in multidisciplinary settings, created in partnership with clinical staff of the Traumatic Stress Institute in South Windsor, CT, and the state mental health departments and consumer networks of Maine and New York. See the new Risking Connection® website here.

Risking Connection® in Faith Communities (2005), created in partnership with the International Conference of War Veteran Ministers and a multi-faith editorial advisory board.

Risking Connection®—Domestic Violence (forthcoming 2007), will be co-published in partnership with the Domestic Violence Mental Health Policy Initiative (DVMHPI) of Chicago to address the needs of those working with survivors of domestic violence and lifetime trauma.

• A series of five-day training workshops for counselors, guidance personnel, psychologists, social workers, and substance abuse staff of the NEEDS LINK New York City Board of Education in the schools most directly affected by the events of September 11.

• A multi-disciplinary public education campaign about PTSD for the NEEDS LINK TO HEALING PROJECT Montgomery County, MD, government, in response to the Washington, D.C.–area sniper attacks. Simultaneous training for mental health providers and school personnel in suburban D.C. after the sniper attacks.

• Training for more than 800 corrections officers, mental health, and substance abuse providers statewide, as a grantee partner in the NEEDS LINK TAMAR Project of the Special Populations Division of the Maryland Mental Hygiene Administration.

• Training and consultation to hundreds of service providers in mental health, substance abuse, and developmental disability agencies throughout the state of Wisconsin.

• Founding partner, NEEDS LINK The PTSD Alliance, a collaborative public and media education effort between Sidran and three other national nonprofit organizations established to increase general understanding about the diagnosis and treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.