Manuscript Submission Guidelines

Sidran Institute Press is a division of Sidran Institute. The press is specialized and small, publishing about 2 books a year. Most of our titles are solicited or developed internally, but we do encourage unsolicited submissions that meet our guidelines.

Sidran Institute Press typically publishes nonfiction that has practical application and educational value for trauma survivors, their spouses and families, mental health professionals, or the general public. This includes mutual support/self-help publications, effective treatment and recovery tools, curricula, and workbooks.

Sidran Institute Press DOES NOT publish:
• Fiction
• First-person accounts
• Biographical or autobiographical material
• Poetry or artwork by an individual

Book Proposal Guidelines
Follow these guidelines when structuring your book proposal for Sidran’s review:

Cover Page

• Name
• Title and affiliation
• Complete contact information

Book Description 
• Purpose
• Importance
• Overview
• Table of contents with chapter summaries
• Summaries of front and back matter (e.g., introduction, appendices, glossary)
• Schedule for completion
• Approximate length

Sample Chapter(s)
This material should be representative of the whole book (e.g., if your book includes teaching tools, case studies, and discussion questions, submit samples of each).

Who will read this book? Identify primary and secondary audiences.

How is your book similar to, different from, or better than other books on the market?

About the Author
Include a brief description of yourself, including your credentials (a CV is appropriate). What gives you the “authority” of authorship? What role can you play in marketing this book? What strategic resources can you bring to the marketing effort?

Proposal Review
Because we give each proposal personal attention, it may take us a month or more to review your submission. Thank you for your patience.
Please direct book manuscript submissions to:

The Sidran Institute Press
PO Box 436
Brooklandville, MD 21022-0436

NOTE: Submissions will be returned only if return postage is included.