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Treating the Dissociative Client II: Trauma Work
Treating the Dissociative Client II: Trauma Work

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By Cavalcade Productions

"As we’ve come to learn more and more about dissociation, we’ve come to recognize that for highly traumatized individuals, that’s a pretty normal process that many go through in order to defend themselves or maintain their safety, or to keep material split away because it’s much too difficult to integrate it."Christine Courtois

Since dissociative disorders were rediscovered in the 1970s, enormous progress has been made in understanding how best to treat these trauma-based problems. This video series is based on the sequenced model for treating a dissociative disorder, in which the first phase is devoted to stabilization, safety, and symptom reduction, the second phase focuses on the trauma itself, and the final phase deals with resolution, reconsolidation, and reconnection. Released 1997.

Treating the Dissociative Client II: Trauma Work
(45 min.)
Abreactions and Trauma Reenactments
Abuse, Memory, and Grief
Working With DID Clients
Managing the Therapy
Final Phase of Therapy

Format: DVD
Time: 45 min

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