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Silver Boat, The
Silver Boat, The

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By Ann Adams
Illustrated by Max Elbo

Destined to be a classic, The Silver Boat is a magical, beautifully illustrated fairy tale that will delight children of all ages. It describes the journey that all of us must take in order to leave our pain behind and reach the healing place of "the warm and sunny land". Much like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, this tale of empowerment teaches the lesson that the power lies within the "little girl" herself to overcome her fears, conquer the dragon, and achieve her dreams.

This therapeutic metaphor, originally published in 1990, has both delighted and comforted thousands of people struggling with fears or the aftermath of abuse and trauma. Many therapists have creatively incorporated the story into individual or group sessions. The Silver Boat has been enacted by children, adolescents, and adults in psychodrama. Enjoying the more universal implications of the work, many have commented on the concepts which deal with the oneness/separateness dichotomy on a wider scale. Some people have just enjoyed reading a beautifully illustrated fantasy.

The Silver Boat was written by Ann Adams, a Clinical Nurse Specialist with a Masters Degree in Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing. In addition to The Silver Boat & The Silver Boat II, Ann has published in professional journals and has co-authored chapters in two textbooks. Ann has also presented at numerous national and international conferences and workshops.

Comments from readers:

"The Silver Boat has had such a huge effect on so many of us; in fact, it is truly a gift."

"I sent a copy of the book to a friend in Canada who was going through a rough time, so I thought maybe your book would help. Since then she has made huge breakthroughs. Her therapist was so impressed that she bought 20 copies."

"Often I sleep with your book under my pillow." 

Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 36

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