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Healing Years, The - Survivor Price
Healing Years, The - Survivor Price

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Directed by Kathy Barbini

Without recovery, survivors of child sexual abuse face emotional struggle, substance abuse, post-traumatic stress, and the perpetration of abuse in their lives and families. This artfully produced documentary illustrates the poignant stories of incest survivors: former Miss America Marilyn Van Derbur speaking out in the nation; Janice Mirikitani, President of Glide Memorial Church, San Francisco, helping inner-city women substance abusers healing from incest; and Barbara Hamiliton, a 79-year-old survivor ending three generations of incest in her family. For the sexually abused child, awareness and recovery are key to a secure and nourishing future.

Kathy Barbini (See other projects by Kathy Barbini) directed The Healing Years, an internationally acclaimed documentary that explores healing after incest. As a filmmaker, Barbini is dedicated to providing resources to victims and survivors of sexual violence and to holding mainstream media accountable for educating the public on social issues. 

"This documentary does the most difficult, almost impossible feat: it admits the sick and cruel past. In doing so, it becomes therapy for a healthy future. This is an exhibition of abundant courage and great heart. Thank you."
-Maya Angelou

"This is one of the best videos on child sexual abuse and incest! The Healing Years is a powerful experience which will make an excellent training tape for all interested in working with and for survivors. I'm using it in my classes!"
-Dr. Jon Conte, Professor of Social Work
University of Washington

"These authentic voices are inspiration for everyone who has suffered abuse or who have family and friends who have survived sexual trauma."
-Patricia Giggans, Executive Director, Rape Crisis Center
Los Angeles Commission on Assaults Against Women

"The Healing Years takes the shame and betrayal of child sexual abuse and turns this trauma into a message of hope, healing and empowerment."
William G. Steiner, Childhelp USA

"An excellent film... Highly recommended for child abuse and domestic violence professionals, therapists, and teachers."
-Library Journal

"This powerhouse of a film profiles three strong, vibrant survivors of child sexual abuse who convincingly tell us -- once and for all -- that we must take back our lives. This documentary banishes shame & celebrates women's power."
Laura Davis, co-author, The Courage to Heal 

Format: DVD
Number of Minutes: 52


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