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Sage Advice for Trauma Survivors and Caregivers
Sage Advice for Trauma Survivors and Caregivers

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By Gift From Within 

Sage Advice for Trauma Survivors and Caregivers with Dr. Frank Ochberg, 


This CD is sensitive, friendly, and informational. It is a conversation with Dr. Frank Ochberg, the Founder of Gift From Within and a leading expert in the mental health field since the 1960s, and Joyce Boaz, the Executive Director.  The discussion is based on questions Joyce has received from trauma survivors, loved ones, and the Gift from Within community. Topics include the types of events that cause PTSD, what should a sufferer of PTSD know about the disorder, post trauma issues, the role of the caregiver, work place issues, the trauma memory system versus the normal memory system, and much more. Dr. Ochberg is a psychiatrist and former associate director of the National Institute of Mental Health. He is one of the team members who wrote the medical definition for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and a recipient of a lifetime achievement award from the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies.   

Survivor Psalm: 

I have been victimized
I was in a fight that was not a fair fight
I did not ask for the fight
I lost.

There is no shame in losing such fights
I've reached the stage of survivor and am no longer a slave of victim st.
I look back with sadness rather than hate
I look forward with hope rather than despair
I may never forget but not constantly remember
I was a victim
I am a survivor

Number of Minutes: 58


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