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Successful Trauma Therapies: A Video Series on Trauma Therapy
Successful Trauma Therapies: A Video Series on Trauma Therapy

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By Cavalcade Productions  

Given the controversy that has surrounded the field of trauma therapy in recent years, it’s important to be reminded of how valuable the work can be–of the enormous positive difference that psychotherapy can make in the lives of trauma survivors. While every trauma therapy follows its own unique course, there are certain elements that successful trauma therapies have in common. In this video series, Karen Saakvitne explores the many facets of a successful trauma therapy, and four therapist-client dyads describe the challenges they overcame and the goals they achieved during the course of treatment. Released 2000.

Successful Trauma Therapies I: Daring to Hope
Reasons for Therapy
Developing Trust and Connection
Setting Goals
Choosing a Therapist
Conflict Between Client and Therapist
Therapist's Needs
Feeling Worse Before Getting Better

Successful Trauma Therapies II: Reclaiming Life
The Therapeutic Relationship
Turning Points
Change in the Therapeutic Relationship
Developing Self-Compassion
Terminating the Therapy
Internalizing the Therapist
Success–Having a Life

Format:  DVD or VHS
Time:  44 Minutes, 42 Minutes

About the Presenters

Karen Saakvitne, PhD is the Clinical Director of the Traumatic Stress Institute/Center for Adult and Adolescent Psychotherapy (TSI/CAAP) in South Windsor, CT. She has co-authored three books on trauma treatment, most recently Risking Connection: A Training Curriculum for Working with Survivors of Childhood Abuse. She has taught workshops all over the country, and offers consultation and supervision to therapists who work with survivors of childhood trauma.

Pam Dieter, PhD, formerly on staff at TSI/CAAP, is a clinical psychologist in private practice in Glastonbury, CT.

Sarah Gamble, PhD is a staff psychologist at TSI/CAAP and co-author of Risking Connection. She specializes in working with survivors of traumatic life events.

Susan F. O’Neill, PhD, a graduate of the Massachusetts School of Psychology, has been a clinical psychologist in private practice in Northampton, MA for 20 years.

Anne Pratt, PhD is Director of Forensic Services at TSI/CAAP, and specializes in assessment for criminal and civil litigation. Her clinical specialty is in dissociation and trauma-related issues in adults.

The Trainer's Guide

The 40-page trainer's guide includes objectives, reproducible outlines for note-taking, review and discussion questions, a resource list, and a book chapter, described below.

The book chapter is "Trauma Framework," from the first module of Risking Connection: A Training Curriculum for Working with Survivors of Childhood Abuse, by Karen W. Saakvitne, Sarah Gamble, Laurie Anne Pearlman, and Beth Tabor Lev, The Sidran Foundation & Press, 2000. It discusses empowerment and collaboration, psychological trauma, survivor clients, the challenge of trauma work, working effectively and well with survivor clients, and theoretical framework.


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