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Multiple Personality Disorder from the Inside Out
Multiple Personality Disorder from the Inside Out

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Edited by Barry Cohen, 
                 Esther Giller, 
                 Lynn W.

Now in its 12th printing!
This book has helped thousands of people who have or know someone who has a dissociative disorder.

This shining jewel is a masterpiece of psychoeducation... This is must reading for therapists and patients alike.
-Philip Coons, M.D., ISSD News

In this unique book, persons with Dissociative Disorders and their significant others address the complex issues of diagnosis, therapy, and maintaining personal relationships. "Viewed from the inside out," Dissociative Identity Disorder takes on an impassioned voice as those who struggle with dissociation share their experiences, obstacles, and triumphs.

Contributions by 146 individuals diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder and the people with whom they share their lives have been gathered into an accessible and practical volume for therapists, clients, and lay readers interested in how to better be supportive of individuals who suffer with dissociative diagnoses. Many will find that the book validates their own experiences and feelings, as it explores the post-diagnosis journey.

Published by The Sidran Foundation with the Eastern Regional Conference on Abuse and Multiple Personality and the newsletter Many Voices, Multiple Personality Disorder from the Inside Out has been compiled and edited by a therapist, a client, and a family member. In addition to the first-person writings described above, the volume contains an introductory chapter describing MPD and dissociation, a glossary of terms, a list of resources, and an index.

Winner of the prestigious 1991 Distinguished Achievement Award given by the International Society for the Study of Multiple Personality and Dissociation.

"If I had to offer one book to teach people what it's really like to live with multiplicity, I would choose this one."
-Meg Nugent, Moving Forward

"... an incredible sharing of so many for the benefit of so many more."
-The Troops for Truddi Chase, authors of When Rabbit Howls

"... a powerful testament and a valuable resource."
-Richard P. Kluft, M.D., Director, Dissociative Disorders Program, Institute of Pennsylvania Hospital

"Multiple Personality Disorder from the Inside Out speaks about multiplicity in a way that makes sense: free of the jargon and esoterica that distances. Full of the power and courage of real people's lives, this book is wonderful, very human, and truly useful."
-Ellen Bass, co-author of The Courage to Heal

"A must for anyone whose life has been touched by this complex disorder."
-Frank W. Putnam, M.D., Chief Unit on Dissociative Disorders, National Institute of Mental Health 

Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 245


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