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Pierre Janet on Trauma, Amnesia, and Dissociation
DID/Trauma/Memory Reference List
Pierre Janet on Trauma, Amnesia, and Dissociation
Ellenberger, HF. (1970). The discovery of the unconscious. New York: Basic Books.
Essential reading on the roots of dynamic psychiatry. Has a very detailed section on Janet.

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van der Hart, O, & Friedman, B. (1989). A reader's guide to Pierre Janet on dissociation: A neglected intellectual heritage. Dissociation, 2(1), 3-16.
An excellent introductory overview of Janet's major works and the evolution of his dissociation theory.

van der Kolk, BA, & van der Hart, O. (1991). Pierre Janet and the breakdown of adaptation in psychological trauma. American Journal of Psychiatry, 146, 1530-1540.

van der Kolk, BA, & van der Hart, O. (1991). The intrusive past: The flexibility of memory and the engraving of trauma. American Imago, 48(4), 425-454.


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