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Risking Connection

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Learning Opportunities
Risking Connection® provides an operating philosophy that supports the transformation to trauma-informed care in all settings (including mental health and addiction services, crime victim assistance, veteran and military family support, schools and child serving agencies, faith communities, and corrections). Risking Connection® creates a robust contextual foundation for many of the most-used interventions and processes for helping people heal, whether it’s CBT, DBT, EMDR, or any other trauma-informed intervention.

Here’s how the RC curriculum works! Everyone must begin his or her training by acquiring the Risking Connection® Essentials. This 20-hour course is currently available in an instructor-led workshop format; starting in 2009, it will be also be available as an online training. Once the foundation is laid, participants can engage in instructor-led, interactive Application Trainings that apply real-life scenarios to specific work settings.

In addition to teaching Essential and Applications Trainings, RC facilitators are available to provide an overview on RICH relationships and to consult with organizations who wish to examine their practices and make them more trauma-informed.

Risking Connection® Essentials
Identification of RC principles, practices, and philosophy occurs through interaction, activity, and review with intermittent quizzes to help ensure knowledge retention. After you complete RC Essentials, you will be able to

  • Utilize the Risking Connection® framework when supporting trauma survivors
  • Recognize the impact of traumatic events on people who survive them
  • Share the role and function of RICH™ relationships
  • Notice your own reactions and use your self-awareness to help yourself and others
  • Provide better care for yourself in the area of managing vicarious traumatization
The Essentials training is a 20-hour program that can be broken into modules.

Risking Connection® Application Trainings
These highly specialized trainings are currently available for individuals who have successfully completed RC Essentials training and are working in the following fields:

  • Residential Child and Adolescent Treatment Programs
  • Mental Health Service Delivery Programs
  • Domestic Violence Programs
  • Faith-Based and Ministry Programs

Additional applications are in development.

Application trainings offer instruction specific to the given work setting and teach use of the RC Essentials for

  • Managing trauma-related crises without re-traumatization
  • Preventing trauma-related crises without re-traumatization
  • Managing trauma-related symptoms such as dissociation and flashbacks
  • Working in the context (that is, applying cases specific to the faith community, DV shelter/program, etc.)

Application training sessions can range from 6-20 hours, depending on the needs of the audience, organization, or work setting. Contact us to develop a follow-up training that is right for you.

RICH™ Relationships 101
An excellent addition to your conference, association meeting, or as a value-added in-service training, this program brings the highlights of the Risking Connection® relational frame in focus. Available as a one-day event or two 3-hour sessions, this program covers these topics and more:

  • What people in emotional pain need
  • How RICH™ relationships help
  • Attachment, distress, and the nervous system
  • How punishing feelings affects attachment

View a sample guide to the content and topics presented.

Organizational Consulting
Risking Connection’s organizational consulting process facilitates systemic change in environments where trauma survivors seek help:

  • Primary Care Practices
  • Human Resource Departments
  • Human Services Agencies
  • Faith-Based Organizations
  • Disaster Relief Services

We will work with your staff to review the relational aspects of the workplace and how they might be improved using RICH™ relationships and the Risking Connection® model.

Custom Training or Conference Presentations
Sidran Institute’s new full-service speaker’s bureau, www.SidranSpeakers.com, can bring professional speakers and presenters on many topics related to trauma, recovery, and healing to you for in-house education or conference presentations—keynotes, plenaries, panel discussions, and workshops.

Our respected speakers hail from many backgrounds. Whatever your need, we’d like to help you make your event the best ever. Click here for more information, or contact us to book your event now.
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