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Sidran has been chosen by the Showtime Television Network to provide information and support to viewers and media concerning Dissociative Identity Disorder in connection with their program “The United States of Tara,” which premieres January 18. The program portrays a woman, Tara, as a successful artist, wife, and mother of two teens. She is also a person who lives with DID.

Dissociation, a normal mental process that produces a lack of connection in a person's thoughts, memories, feelings, actions, or sense of identity, exists on a continuum of severity. At one end are mild dissociative experiences common to most people, such as daydreaming, highway hypnosis, or "getting lost" in a book or movie, all of which involve "losing touch" with conscious awareness of one's immediate surroundings. At the other extreme is complex, chronic dissociation, such as in cases of Dissociative Disorders, which may result in serious impairment or inability to function.

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