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Recent LA Times article on SIV (self-inflicted violence) quotes Sidran's Ruta Mazelis
Posted 12/30/2008

The Los Angeles Times recently featured an article on self-inflicted violence (SIV), “Self-injury on the rise among young people,” by Shari Roan, that quotes Sidran’s own Ruta Mazelis as one of the experts in the field:

The leading theory behind the behavior is that cutting, burning or hitting oneself externalizes brutal and persistent emotional pain. A poem published in a newsletter called the Cutting Edge sums up the disorder, says Ruta Mazelis, a consultant with the Sidran Institute in Baltimore, an organization that focuses on traumatic stress.

"I hurt so much

I bleed."

-- Robin et al.

"The self-injury becomes a coping mechanism for many of the repercussions in their lives," says Mazelis, who strongly believes that most self-injurers suffered a previous emotional trauma. "It tends to be an all-purpose tool for trauma survivors who use it to manage incredibly intense emotions: horror, anger and grief."

To read the full article, click here
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