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“How will you talk about it?” Rape and Sexual Violence Awareness video contest at Tabutalk.org
Posted 03/01/2011

URL: http://www.tabutalk.org/projects

The short documentary film, “I am a survivor of rape,” shares four women’s stories with powerfully engaging results:

•      An educational resource for advocacy groups like you
•      Winner of a national journalism award
•      Featured on CNN
•      Inspired the creation of a nonprofit called, Tabu

Tabu gives a voice to social justice by enlisting the talents of youth, seeking to address neglected issues and deconstructing what society considers taboo.

Rape is our first topic and I’m excited to announce an opportunity for young people to make a huge social impact. (Not to mention we’re awarding $1,500 in grants and will feature winners on an educational DVD!)
We launched our website last week along with the video contest. Applicants are asked to produce a visual project (10 minutes or less) that would demonstrate the urgent need for rape and sexual violence awareness. You can find more details on our website: http://www.tabutalk.org/projects.

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