Because we believe that connection is the active ingredient in healing, Sidran’s philosophy reflects RICH relationships (Respect, Information, Connection, and Hope) in all our professional and interpersonal interactions. Recovery from the effects of trauma, (especially human-caused trauma) requires growth-promoting relationships and the willingness of survivors to risk re-connecting over time with friends, family, treatment providers, and community. Simultaneously, those providing support must also risk connection, with colleagues, with the survivors in their care, and with their own, true inner selves. Sidran’s programming emphasizes respectful, empathic connection and hope for the future.


Sidran believes that information is power and empowerment is the key to healing (and helping others heal) from trauma. We understand where you are coming from because our staff members have lived experience as survivors, family members, clinical and frontline professionals. Our aim is to empower you by building your knowledge-base, your confidence, and your capacity for healing and helping. Each Sidran training topic can be presented for any audience, at any level of academic and developmental sophistication. Our web-based product catalog has information and recovery tools appropriate for all audiences as well.


Because complex trauma requires a complex response and often causes victims and those who care about them to feel isolated, Sidran is devoted to fostering integrated service systems to support survivors holistically.