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The Wisdom of the 5 Messengers

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Book Description:

The road to contentment demands that we make healthy choices. Without guidance and direction we are often predisposed toward familiar, predictable, and often unproductive approaches to life’s challenges. Fortunately, messengers are available to us in the form of the five basic emotions:

• Happiness : The Messenger of Well-Being
• Sadness : The Messenger of Loss
• Anger : The Messenger of Injustice
• Fear : The Messenger of the Unknown
• Love: The Messenger of Selflessness

We often have misguided and unrealistic ideas about what feelings are and what they offer, tending to view them as something to be managed or controlled, though their very nature makes this impossible. In fact, our effort to control or deny our emotions is the surest way to become their slave, while listening to the guidance they offer is the best hope for peace of mind. The Wisdom of the Five Messengers offers not only a fresh perspective on feelings, but practical ways to begin to rediscover emotional truth and the contentment that follows healthy choices and self-acceptance.