Help Desk

Sidran InstituteWelcome to the Sidran Help Desk!

We know that locating trauma resources can often be difficult, and we are here to help. This service is offered to you at no charge. Our Trauma Resource Specialists can help you find resources to aid your progress toward recovery. We have a trauma resource database of:

  • Therapists Located Near You
  • Treatment Centers All Over the Country
  • Organizations Dedicated to Survivor Groups

The information provided by Sidran’s Help Desk comes from our large trauma database. The Sidran Institute is continually compiling an extensive database of trauma disorders information and is able to provide resource material about psychological trauma and dissociation to survivors, , supporters, and professionals. The database includes listings of organizations, trauma treatment programs, and therapists who have an interest in treating PTSD and dissociative conditions. Information on resources outside the United States is also included in the database, but is limited.

Therapists and other mental health care professionals from around the nation contact Sidran and ask to be listed in our database. However, we have not verified the credentials or experience of, nor can we be responsible for the quality of services provided by, these therapists or other mental health care professionals. We highly recommend that you verify credentials and experience before employing any of the therapists or mental health care professionals provided in a list by Sidran.

Help Desk emails and phone calls are responded to by Nova Southeastern University’s Trauma Resolution and Integration Program (TRIP), a nationally-known program based in Fort Lauderdale, FL dedicated to helping adults who have experienced traumatic events to overcome the variety of difficulties that occur as a result of the trauma. More specifically, the Help Desk is staffed by predoctoral-level students who are at least at the master’s degree-level in their third year of doctoral study in clinical psychology or beyond. They have been specifically trained to provide trauma-informed services and are under the direct supervision of Drs. Steven Gold and Amy Ellis.