Become a Resource

The Sidran Institute is continually compiling an extensive database of trauma disorders information and is able to provide resource material about psychological trauma and dissociation to survivors, supporters, and professionals, at no charge. All inquiries are kept strictly confidential. The database includes listings of organizations; trauma treatment programs; survivor newsletters and professional journals; and information on how to locate therapists who have an interest in treating PTSD and dissociative conditions.

Resource information is organized into categories by state including local or regional organizations, workshops, support groups, treatment centers, and conferences. Information on resources outside the United States is also included in the database, but is limited.

Sidran is not responsible for the quality of services provided by any resource. We recommend that individuals verify the appropriateness of each resource.

To contribute to the database, please fill out the appropriate form by clicking on the links below:

Treatment Centers
Support and Therapy Groups