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The long-term physical-psychiatric effects of childhood trauma

By Sidran Institute | May 24, 2019

May 20, 2019 | American Psychiatric Association | Exposure to trauma in childhood is associated with both psychiatric and physical problems for decades afterward, according to new research presented here today at the American Psychiatric Association’s (APA) Annual Meeting. Researchers are longitudinally assessing more than 1,000 individuals who were directly exposed to the 9/11 terror…

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Not Just For Soldiers: Civilians With PTSD Struggle To Find Effective Therapy

By Sidran Institute | May 23, 2019

May 20, 2019 | National Public Radio | By Caroline Covington Lauren Walls had lived with panic attacks, nightmares and flashbacks for years. The 26-year-old San Antonio teacher sought help from a variety of mental health professionals — including spending five years and at least $20,000 with one therapist who used a Christian-faith-based approach, viewing…

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Welcome to Our New Website

By Esther Giller | May 16, 2019

This day marks the inauguration of our newly refreshed website. Our new website brings a modern, user-friendly interface for our users. Resources are easier to find and our store experience is improved and easier than ever to use. We hope you find what you need on our website. Sidran Institute is ever committed to advocacy…

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Survivor Moms’ Companion – Early Adopters’ Training Starting Fall 2019

By Sidran Institute | April 26, 2019

Sidran Institute and the University of Michigan bring help for new Moms coping with trauma with Survivor Moms’ Companion training program! Early adopters’ training is starting in Fall 2019. Survivor Moms’ Companion is a psychoeducational program designed to help pregnant women with a history of childhood maltreatment break the cycles of abuse and psychiatric vulnerability…

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Coverage of Mass Killings is Bad for Mental Health

By Esther Giller | April 20, 2019

Nsikan Akpan of PBS News Hours writes a probing article on the news coverage of mass killings. He posits that people not only develop symptoms of post-traumatic stress, but also become more likely to watch coverage of a subsequent mass tragedy. Read Akpan’s article here. Photo by REUTERS/Steve Dipaola

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Active Shooter Drills in Schools Do More Harm Than Good.

By Esther Giller | April 20, 2019

The drills reinforce that life-threatening disaster is inevitable (in the place they spend the most time outside of home). Is it any wonder so many kids have anxiety disorders? Michael Maguire from WGBH News writes a cogent commentary on a practice that needs to end. Read his article here.

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