27 Secrets to Raising Amazing Children


For over 50 years Molly Koch has been advocating that mothers and fathers reconnect with their intuition and learn to trust their judgment.



By Molly Brown Koch
For over 50 years Molly Koch has been advocating that mothers and fathers reconnect with their intuition and learn to trust their judgment. She encourages parents to learn about the stages of child development, but also to

  • Get to know their children, accepting and respecting them as they are,
  • Pay attention and listen with patience and compassion
  • Recognize actions that can be mistakes

The ideas presented here will help lead to relationships with children that are close and honest, enjoyable and satisfying, rewarding, and, above all, lasting. Using the “secrets” in this book, parents will not just raise their children, they will uplift them and, in the process, be themselves uplifted.

“Molly Koch is wonderful! Using her warmth and wisdom she conveys practical ideas for raising amazing kids. She nailed it—moms and dads have to get back to that glorious thing called instinct. Parents who temper their gut feelings with careful listening and respect will be amazed with the results—and children will be the real winners.” 
—Michele Borba, Ed.D., author of 12 Simple Secrets Real Moms Know and Parents Do Make a Difference

“Molly Koch has affirmed and challenged parents honestly, firmly, and with great love. Rather than preaching parenting ‘skills’ she talks about ways of being and attitudes of the heart and draws on her own experience and that of others for practical, real-life examples. She enables parents to realize and value the potential they have within them—for parenting and for life.”
—Sr. Margi Savage, SSJ, Coordinator, Marian House III

Molly Brown Koch has developed and taught parent and family life education programs in both public and private schools, and workshops for teachers on teacher-student relationships. She has also designed and delivered parenting workshops for many different audiences, including mothers returning to society following incarceration and women parenting after domestic violence. She has extensive expertise in working with parents of cult-involved children and adolescents. She has been recognized by Women’s Day magazine and the State of Maryland, among others, for her service to families. Married for over sixty years, she and her husband, Bill, have raised three amazing children of their own. She continues to listen to and learn from everyone she meets.

“Whether you are the parent of 2-year-old or a 52-year-old, whether you have children or don’t, 27 Secrets to Raising Amazing Children is one of those rare
books you will want to read time and again. Less a parenting book and more of a relationship book, it is filled with the wisdom of parents and the voice of
one who has spent literally a lifetime listening to them and living the secrets she’s learned along with them.”

—Baltimore’s Child Magazine