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Male Victims of Same-Sex Abuse


Sexual victimization of boys and men remains a taboo subject, and resources for this neglected population and the professionals that work with them are difficult to find. This book aims at reducing the stigma and increasing the understanding of sexual trauma in men.



By John M. Preble and A. Nicholas Groth

Sexual victimization of boys and men remains a taboo subject, and resources for this neglected population and the professionals that work with them are difficult to find. This book aims at reducing the stigma and increasing the understanding of sexual trauma in men. Male Victims of Same-Sex Abuse includes a comprehensive assessment tool that brings focus to the treatment strategy. In addition, the tool provides a methodology for disclosure in a non-threatening manner.

Who Will Benefit From Male Victims of Same Sex Abuse?

  • Clinicians who need a comprehensive and collaborative rape trauma assessment tool
  • Mental health practitioners who work with male victims of same sex abuse
  • Trainers of trauma professionals
  • Clinical instructors at colleges and universities
  • Clinics, private practices, and public providers
  • Rape trauma professionals

Why is this book so important? Unfortunately, most university training programs still are not presenting useful information on these subjects. Even now, few workshops or staff development programs offer practical information on working with issues of male sexuality or sexual assault of males. In particular, little has been published about the sexual dynamics of male sexual victimization.

Male Victims of Same Sex Abuse will be helpful to every clinician who works with male victims of sexual assault. Indeed, it will be helpful to all clinicians who work with male clients in any type of therapeutic setting (whether or not sexual victimization is the focus of the therapy). Both A. Nicholas Groth and John Preble are clinicians; together they bring 40 years of clinical experience in working with male victims and perpetrators of sexual assault in both community and institutional settings. In this manual, they offer a straightforward and reassuring framework that is pertinent for all therapists for understanding male sexuality and the dynamics of sexual assault.

“…Practical guidelines (including samples of what to say to clients) are provided for helping male victims understand and come to terms with what occurred during and after the sexual assault. Since so many instances of male sexual victimization go unreported and unaddressed, this book should be required reading for all clinicians.”
– Excerpted from the foreword by Suzanne M. Sgroi, M.D.
Director of New England Clinical Associates in West Hartford, CT and author of the Handbook Of Clinical Intervention In Child Sexual Abuse (Lexington Books, 1982), Vulnerable Populations, Vols. 1 & 2 (Lexington Books, 1989), and Sexual Assault Of Children and Adolescents (Lexington Books 1978).

Table of Contents
Foreword by Suzanne Sgroi, M.D.

Part I: Human Sexuality and Victimization

  • The Elements of Victimization
  • Factors Discouraging Disclosure
  • Victimization versus Traumatization
  • Understanding Human Sexuality
  • Understanding One’s Sexual Nature
  • Misconceptions About Sexuality
  • Discovering versus Choosing
  • Character versus Sexuality
  • Sexual Values of the Clinician

Part II: The Nature and Circumstances of Victimization

  • Offender Strategies
  • Persuasion Techniques
  • Coercion Techniques
  • The Relationship of the Offender to the Victim
  • The Nature of the Sexual Activity
  • The Frequency of the Sexual Victimization
  • Secrecy, Disclosure or Discovery
  • Conclusion
  • Recovery

Appendix: Adult Male Sexual Victimization Questionnaire

What Experts Are Saying About Male Victims of Same Sex Abuse

“This book belongs on every clinician’s bookshelf! Although written primarily for treating male victims, it is equally useful in managing sexual issues of male and female clients. It brings into focus the gamut of sexual questions and concerns of the victim and deals with them in a clear, straightforward manner. Bravo to Preble and Groth!”
– Ann W. Burgess, R.N., D.N.Sc.
Professor of Psychiatric Nursing, Boston College

“…Fills a niche that hasn’t been addressed in the male victimization literature.”
– Ken Singer, LCSW
Past President, MaleSurvivor

“Fresh and fearless. Preble and Groth employ clear, down-to-earth language and accessible metaphors making this book a useful tool – especially for counselors and therapists who are new to working with male survivors of boyhood sexual victimization…”
– Mike Lew
Author of Victims No Longer and Leaping Upon the Mountains: Men Proclaiming Victory Over Sexual Child Abuse

“Written in clear, precise language, this book deftly defines and describes the range of male sexuality, then elucidates how a clinician can best talk to a man about a boyhood history of sexual abuse. The explanations of sexual abuse and exploitation, sexual orientation, and male sexual response are particularly sensitive…”
– Richard P. Gartner, Ph.D.
President, MaleSurvivor; Author of Betrayed as Boys: Psychodynamic Treatment of Sexually Abused Men; and Founding Director, Sexual Abuse Program, William Alanson White Psychoanalytic Institute, New York

Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 60


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