Survivor Moms’ Companion Licensing

Licensing fees for the Survivor Moms’ Companion psychoeducational training program will be available online in the near future. Survivor Moms’ Companion is designed to help pregnant women with a history of childhood maltreatment break the cycles of abuse and psychiatric vulnerability in their lives and the lives of the newly born.


Survivor Moms’ Companion is a training program of the Sidran Institute and the University of Michigan. Julia Seng, CNM, Ph.D., FAAN and Mickey Sperlich, CPM, MSW, Ph.D., are the midwives who developed Survivor Moms’ Companion. Mickey, a professor at the University of Buffalo, is author of the book Survivor Moms: Women’s Stories of Birthing, Mothering and Healing after Sexual Abuse from which SMC is derived. Julia is a professor at the University of Michigan and coauthor of Trauma Informed Care in the Perinatal Period (Protecting Children and Young People).

Licensed certification in the Survivor Moms’ training program will be available in the near future.