Children with Disrupted Attachment: Parenting Children with Disrupted Attachment


“You can tell them that you love them, you can tell them that you’re going to keep them safe, you can tell them all these things, but it takes them years to really believe that that’s actually what you’re doing. They have no trust. They can’t trust themselves, let alone trust anybody else.”– Denise, Adoptive Mother

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By Cavalcade Productions

This video examines issues encountered by parents, including foster parents, adoptive parents, or family members who are caring for a child with attachment disorder.


  • Understanding Behaviors
  • Testing Limits
  • Ongoing Repair and Crises
  • Developmental Level
  • Developing Trust
  • Routine, Consistency, Predictability
  • Attunement
  • Limits and Control
  • Containment and Self-Regulation
  • Self-Care
  • Building Basic Skills
  • Feelings
  • Touch

Format: DVD or VHS
Minutes: 45