Text Adoptions

Sidran InstituteMany Sidran Institute Press books are used for course instruction. Titles appropriate for undergraduate, graduate, or professional courses include:


  • Secondary Traumatic Stress: Self-Care Issues for Clinicians, Researchers & Educators, edited by B. Hudnall Stamm, Ph.D.
  • Unspeakable Truths and Happy Endings: Human Cruelty and the New Trauma Therapy, by Rebecca Coffey
  • Risking Connection in Faith Communities: A Training Curriculum for Faith Leaders Supporting Trauma Survivors, by Rev. Jackson Day and others
  • Ethics in Victim Services, by Melissa Hook
  • Growing Beyond Survival: A Self-Help Toolkit for Managing Traumatic Stress, by Elizabeth G. Vermilyea
  • Managing Traumatic Stress Through Art, by Barry Cohen and Others
  • The Way of the Journal, by Kathleen Adams
  • Vietnam Wives: Facing the Challenges of Life with Veterans Suffering Post-Traumatic Stress, by Aphrodite Matsakis

For information on bulk orders and discount structure, please email orders at sidran.org or call 410-825-8888

Examination Copy Policy

To examine a copy of any Sidran Institute Press book for potential course use, please fill out the form and send it back to us via email, fax, or mail.

Your credit card will be billed for the cost of the book plus shipping and tax (when applicable). The cost of the book will be waived if your bookstore places an order for course use within 60 days (minimum adoption purchase of 6 copies directly from Sidran Institute). Or, you can return the book and your card will be credited for the purchase price. If you do not wish to adopt the book but would like to purchase it for personal use, a 40% academic courtesy discount is applied to the invoice which will be enclosed with the examination copy.

If you do not adopt or purchase the text, please return it, in saleable condition, within 60 days of receipt.

Click here for PDF: Request For Examination
Please fax back to Sidran Institute, 410-825-8888 or mail to Sidran at 7238 Muncaster Mill Road Suite 376, Derwood, MD 20855

Desk Copy Policy

Once a book has been adopted for course use, instructors who did not receive a free examination copy may be entitled to a desk copy. One desk copy is allowed for each 20 copies of the book, if purchased directly from Sidran Institute. Desk copies will not be provided for books purchased used from a college bookstore, or if books are purchased from a source other than Sidran Institute.

Desk copies must be requested on college letterhead stationery or authorized A.B.A. forms and signed by the instructor, and can be sent either by email, mail, or fax. Requests should include information as to course date, number of students, and name of bookstore.

Click here for PDF: Desk Copy Policy
Please fax back to Sidran Institute, 410-825-8888 or mail to Sidran at 7238 Muncaster Mill Road Suite 376, Derwood, MD 20855